My name is Ben Canales. I take pictures at night. 

I am a partner at
Uncage the Soul Productions, a video company based out of Portland, OR. If you need pictures, timelapse or any other low light media- shoot me a message through the contact link on the left. I love the challenge and opportunity of capturing the unique magic of the night.

Untitled photo

I love being out under the stars. It's not that I'm a night owl and can't sleep, on the contrary, my friends used to call me "In-Bed-by-Ten-Ben" as a teenager. Simply put, I just love the quiet, peaceful contentment of lying on a rock looking up at the stars. 

Did you spend any summer nights in the grass, on a dock at a lake, in your backyard, at the beach, sitting around a campfire with friends looking up at the stars? Have you walked outside on a crisp, clear cold winter night and looked up at the twinkling sky? These are the moments I pursue in my images. It's not Hubble views of deep space I chase, but the sense of place, the scope of scale that we can experience with our own eyes and whole self.

I take these pictures first for the joy of it, but second to bring back the experience to friends, family and others that don't have the opportunity to get out from the city. We are canopied by majesty on a nightly basis. I encourage you to go out and experience it.

Cheers and clear skies,


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